Elections Pakistan 2018 - Restore the Original Nomination Form

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The outgoing Parliament of Pakistan has, apparently, made an illegitimate and deceitful move of removing the key particulars of candidates from the nomination form to be used for elections 2018. The original from, as used in 2013, included details and declarations on the candidate's sources​ of income, amount of taxes paid, criminal record, default on borrowings, outstanding utility dues etc. All these essential details have been removed. This is clearly aimed at deceiving the innocent voters, the most of whom are unable to validate such details on their own and have to rely on the system to bar such elements from taking part in the elections. This move paves the way for shady characters to participate in the elections, without the fear of being held accountable for having a questionable past. Let's join hands in raising a voice against this unfair amendment to the nomination form and plead our case with the concerned corners to take immediate remedial action.