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The present NOTA provision given for citizen is found ineffective.Honourable election commissioner of India has independent power to amend rules and conditions in the existing election policy.However it is invariably observed that most of Indian citizen particularly youngsters are very much disappointed with the present political parties for their corruptive and anti human-being activities.It was shown in the recent protest on jallikattu issue in Tamilnadu. Under this circumstances if ECI not giving any effective value for NOTA ,percentage of people casting their vote in forthcoming election will become very low.Instead if ECI makes some amendment as suggested below, it will give remarkable changes in our country not only from politicians , disciplinary movement among the public as well.
1) If NOTA got more than 50% votes in any one assembly constituency, all participated candidates and their parties should be banned for another 10 years including national parties -disqualified to contest in any kind of election.However the disqualified candidates and any of their party members those who are currently holding MLA or MP position ( including for Rajya saba), they must be called back from those position and not eligible for next 10 years to become MLA or MP( including Rajya saba).
2) Once above incident happened subsequent election will provide half of the year only for selected candidates to rule the government. So next election will be done after two and half years.
The content of the above amendment proposal shall be modified with enhanced empowerment according to the knowledge , experience and responsibility of our Honorable election commissioner of India , as he has an independent power to make such amendments.

Kindly do not close this grievance as a suggestion as you have done for my previous Complaint no TN/16/141/508743 Dt 27.01.2017 lodged on your web site https://eci-citizenservices.eci.nic.in

Empowering NOTA is a must one otherwise it dose not have any sense for holding the provision.Kindly clarify whether ECI has the independent power for making amendment in the "provision of clause{a} of rule 64 of conduct of election rules 1961 and section 65 of representation of the people act,1951" or not. If not kindly let me know who has the power.