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Save voters of Gandhinagar, Kolhapur,in Maharashtra from forcing to vote for other village

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Presently "Gandhinagar" in Kolhapur District of  is one of most important business hub in southern Maharashtra.

Previously "Gandhinagar" was considered as camp in Valivade Village, Dist: Kolhapur, in Maharashtra State.

On 16th July 1991 collector on Kolhapur via notification established and declared "Gandhinagar" as new village in Taluka:Karveer of Kolhapur District in Maharashtra.. thus separating Legally " Gandhinagar " from Valivade  village. Majority of People in Gandhingar are "Sindhis"

In the notification and collector order issued on 16-07-1991, Collector had given the list of Areas (Survey Nos) which are included in  Gandhinagar village and excluded from Valivade village Area. In 1992 Gandhngar Gram Panchayat was Establised and all the survey nos included in Notification of Collector where to be included in Gandhingar Gram Panchayat ,But till today all the survey nos listed in collector order & Notification are not handed over to Gandhinagar Gram Panchayat due to politicians and unworthy members of Gandhinagar Gram Panchayat. Though the Area legally as per collectors notification belongs to Gandhingar Gram Panchayat, The Valivade Village Gram Panchayat by illegitimate way is collecting Gram Panchayat Taxes from these area, registering property in Assessment Register and even issuing official certificates to people living in these Gandhinagar Area. Valivade Gram Panchayat do not do any development for these area. There are several social problems in these area like no proper sanitation, No sewerage lines, No Road developments, No street light, No drinking water, No potable water, there are no water connections in these area from Valivade Gram Panchayat and most important People of these area are listed in Valivade Village in Electoral list. Politician use these people as there vote bank for their political benefits. Major portion of Valivade village Gram panchayat taxes are collected from these area but there is Zero development for people living in this area.

This is very serious matter.....There are around 2000 to 2500 actually voters of Gandhingar living in this areas and this areas belongs to Gandhingar Gram Panchayat but there names are in Valivade Village Voter list .

These Areas and Voters of area are majority Sindhis and can play very important role in development of Gandhinagar Village....Legally these people are living in Gandhinagar Gram Panchayat Area but paying taxes to Valivade Gram Panchayat....and voting for Valivade.......This is totally illegal.

Think people living in this Area are voting for Gandhinagar Village.....What will be the effects....

  1.  Voters in Gandhinagar Village will increase by 2000-2500 voters.
  2. Politically voters  of Gandhinagar with this newly added 2000-2500 voter will have new increased attentive political attention resulting in the speedy development of Gandhinagar village.
  3. If Voting strength is more of Gandhingar people, All politicians MLA, MP, Panchayat samiti member, Zilla Parishad Member, All political party will pay more attention for development of Gandhingar Village.
  4. The areas now illegally in Valivade village will be included in Gandhingar Gram Panchayat resulting increase in collection of revenue of Gandhinagar Gram Panchayat.
  5. MP,MLA, Panchayat Samiti Memebes, Zilla Parishad Members, Gram Panchayat Members, will arrange more funds for Development of Gandhinagar village.

There are unlimited benefits if these areas and people living in this area will be merged with Gandhingar Gram Panchayat.

Now there are Gram panchayat Election shortly.

What should we do for Development of Gandhinagar.......We have to raise the voice for these people and Area who legally are voters of Gandhinagar but now are voting for other Village that is Valivade......let the Youths and all aware people support us by signing this Petition so that Election commission of India step in and put stay on all types of Elections in Gandhinagar and Valivade village, Until the illegal area & innocent people voting for other village are merged with Gandhinagar Gram Panchayat as per Collectors order.

Let Election commission of India include the names of these people in Electoral List of Gandhinagar, So these people can vote as the villagers of Gandhinagar, which is constitutional Right of these People to Vote for correct Gram panchayat..........

So sign the petition to give rights to our people and for future development of our Village " Gandhinagar"

Fight for Right , Save "Gandhinagar", Raise your Voice...

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