Save Indian Democracy: Link Aadhaar with Voter ID

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All of you are aware voting is the basic life line of Democracy,
bogus votes and proxy voting are killing.

Matured Democracy automatically helps to elect sincere leaders.

As Aadhar is a system which cannot be duped, linking the same to
Voter ID helps a million ways. Please support.

This linking is a beginning. Going forward, Voter can vote anywhere.
Need not visit the particular polling booth, need not be in the same
constituency, this measure helps voters to attend their business better
at the same time increases the voting percentage.

'Om Foundation India' in Kakinada, (
is working seamless in this direction.

You support this petition and also make this petition go viral such that
Election Commission think about this much needed improvement.

We may get political parties or individuals with hidden agenda in our way
of achieving this, but lets not stop.


Om Foundation