Political parties manifestos to be released on signed bond paper with EC approval.

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Un-achievable points in the manifestos of the  political parties  have been mis guiding the public during the election time. And most of the political parties are just adding the points in order to attract the public for votes but they are  not evaluating the possibilities and  the process to implement the things before they adding them into their manifestoes.

By believing those manifestoes  points a common man is waiting for the governament's help but no concern governament department can release an expected time of implementation which is causing the common men life. We know the power of Vote in India and there is no policy for a common man to fight with the Governament when they do not implement their manifestoes.

In order to maintain the transparency in manifestoes and to have the Governament to abid by the points they added in their manifestoes it should be better to ask them to submitt their manifestoes on legalized bond paper to the election commission before they release them to the public. EC team should  verify the points,  the plan of implementation and the possibilities to approve the same.

Political parties should release their manifestos to public once the EC approves.

And EC should play the role of taking an action on the Governament in case of the complaints related to manifestos ,  raised by the common men.

This strengthens a common man to have their Right to ask as they VOTED.

Only who casted their Vote can raise their concerns related manifestos to EC this can increase the rate of vote casting too.