Voters BIOMETRIC Authentication before voting on poll day

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The rampant rigging, bogus voting, Benami voters, multiple neme of voters, bribing of voters, communal politics etc., have not made way for honest upright truly democratically Government in Our country!,,To overcome we need to have BIOMETRIC authentication of ever voter by linking EPIC CARD to AADHR & providing required Hard+Software at every polling booth . The Biometric identity captured by AADHAR can be safest authentication of the voter based on EPIC. If ECI & GOI are serious in overcoming booth capturing & impersonation of voter leading to bogus voting by candidates +Political parties then a one time investment on required infra / equipment could be made by amending Representation of People Act suitably & Making Biometric Authentication compulsory for polling. This will pave way for candidates who are honest, dedicated, social justice minded, Impartial, non-communal to be Elected as Law Makers . This will bring in stability & Neat Politics in the Governance. The unethical & flaring/ inciting speeches during Election Campaigns will also end. People will vote fearlessly & without bias. Further victimisation of voters on religious/ Communal lines will stop. Elected Law Makers will bring in Laws to Govern people & Not harass/ Victimize them. Further Transperancy will usher in Elections & Patriotic/ Honest /Dedicated representatives of the people will be on Board to provide the true fruits of Democracy for the people, By the People, To the people. I request all people of India to Support this petition to pressurise the authorities for Implementation.