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Fair elections and unique Passports

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Did you link your Aadhar to Pan card? Did you link your Aadhar to Bank account?Bugged up with the constant messages, mails, ads,posters.etc.

A question raised in my mind?

When we link Aadhar to even Sim card and all our purchases (via debit and credit cards) why not to the prestigious Electoral card ,Ration card and Passport?

All you need is a simple app and a fingerprint sensor like one used by telecom operators and EVM's linked to the sensor to enable the unique vote recording. Less investment compared to voting campaign.

Yes! If Aadhar is linked to Electoral card then there are lot of benefits to the country and citizens.

You can cast your vote from any part of the country as your card is unique.Around 30% voters are not casting their votes for the reason of their relocation or travel which can now be utilized. So more majority.

Every vote is unique and every citizen can vote! You can stop the votes of unborn and dead people. You can see the true decision of the citizens and the election would be tamper proof. 

Reduced risk of election violence, peaceful elections in every corner and sensitive areas too.

Subsidized groceries can reach to the worthy without others giving up their subsidies. Yes! you read it right. You need not give up your subsidy as there wont be unauthorized purchases of the groceries by ration hawala dealers.

You can find hassle free air travel and finding the corrupt/accomplice/accused will become easier. Also you can prevent terrorists travelling with fake passports and thus save country from another Taj/Parliament attack.

All this can be achieved with linking of Aadhar with all Government Id cards.

Till now you are asked to link all your rights. Now lets ask for all our duties and save our country from being in wrong hands.

Remember Silence of a right person is harmful than the violence of a bad person. Lets try to raise our voice and fight for our rights and duties. Let's show that the weapon they used to clean the black money out can also be used to clean the fake people.

Sign the petition for safe & clean country!


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