Eliminate Bogus Voting - Linking AADHAAR with voter ID

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AADHAAR is linked to PAN
AADHAAR is linked to bank account
AADHAAR is linked to LPG connection 
AADHAAR is linked to social benefit schemes

AADHAAR is linked to Mobile Phone


Ever wondered why AADHAAR is not linked to Voter id card (EPIC) - that's the hypocrisy of political parties.


·         All their dead voters will not be able to vote.

·         Spurious voting will be eliminated with biometrics 

·         Duplicate/triplicate voter ids will disappear. 

·         Illegal Bangladeshi/Other Foreign migrants can't vote. 

·         Maoists who don't have AADHAAR cards can't vote.

·         Kashmiri separatists who don't want to be Indian citizens can't vote.

·         Anyone can vote anywhere. 

So many benefits real Swach Bharath can begin there with cleansing of electoral system.

Just linking AADHAAR to EPIC will eliminate bogus voting.

But you won't see it happen! Had we thought about this?? No we were always running after linking Aadhaar with whatever they said and what they wanted!!

 Plz Sign the petition to take up the issue with the powers that rule our lives.