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Change the Procedure of Voting

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On 7th Feb 2015, I cast my first vote and I was very excited that I use my Right and feel the power of being a citizen of the country but I was shocked to see the procedure of voting, We are living in 21st Century the Era of Internet and Computers everybody nowadays are tech-savvy but it seems that our country is still not updated.

Now lets talk about the Procedure of Voting in India:-

A Citizen enters a polling booth show his/her voter id card and enter the room in which EVM is placed. A man or concerned person of election commission of india checks the voter id card and then speaks the voter id no then another person siting next to him write voter's name and id-number in a register and then voter sign on that register and now you may proceed to press the button on evm by recognising the party symbol and its done your vote is casted. 

Now can body tell that is this system of voting is right ?

There are no computers on that room which can maintain the records hopefully there are some in the department and they copy the data from register after the day is over but there is no authenticity. We heard in newspaper and have seen in many movies that many votes have been illegally cast by parties. Person who have not even visit to polling booth and does not vote but still their vote is casted. Even persons who are not alive sometimes there vote is also casted because there voter id card is not cancelled and still active. 

Why not we cast our vote with our thumb print or why not there is any barcodes in voter id card. So that a person has to touch his/her thumb and place the bar code in machine only then his/her vote is cast. Doing this helps the country to get the exact figures of how many people have actually cast their vote.

If we have a system in Aadhar Card, Passport and License then why we don't have such kind of system for Vote ?

Why not we have a software that integrate with EVM which trace the finger print and read the bar code from voter id card and then let the person to cast the vote, by this each and every vote is uniquely casted and there is very less chance of cheating by this The Election Commission would also know that which person has given vote to whom.

This will also helps to analyze the behavior of voters and political parties may also get more conscious.

By voting through thumb print and bar-code The Commission also keeps an eye on voters and alerts the voters who does not vote on the election date.

When we see in news that from particular area 70% voters have cast their vote but we don't have any fact that do really 70% of voter have even went to the polling booth or they just enjoyed a holiday. May-be by this way we can actually utilize the value and power of our voter id card and not make it only a identity card proof.

I hope that my little effort will help my country to improve and we can lead towards integrated growth and development

Jai Hind!

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