Education and Eligibilty Test in Indian Election System

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Our Democracy is in hand of Criminal and Uneducated People in Indian Politics and They daily play with Democracy as given following:-

1. They always divide us on the name of Cast & Religions.

2. They always Give many agenda & promises before election & do as they want after election before think about us.

3. Their drama in public is their daily bad habit that nervous the normal peoples in india.

4. They can't use the powers for J&K for Vote Bank.

5. All Criminals moving in Politics.

6. Uneducated Leaders.

So Many reasons are their but the main problem is who will handle the India after Shri Narendra Modi, I get this question repetitively on my Facebook account and i decide to make a secure Election in India which I need all of You supports after see the following Plan for Best Election & Leadership for India.

New Election System:--

Eligibility for an Election on any Roll i.e. Sarpanch/Chairman/Jila Parshad/MLA/MP etc.:-

1. Graduation will be mandatory to get in Election for any Roll.

2. No Criminal Record on the Enrolling Candidate in Election.

3. All information will be tested after Online Application form for Enrollment.

4. No Reservation in this New Election System so all Candidate who describe the best education can Lead.

5. All State Universities arrange the Election Eligibility Computer Based Test in Security of Election Commission with Syllabus of Enrolled Candidate Graduation Syllabus and General Knowledge an Sycho.

6.Only Top Ten Candidate Lead in One Leading Seat Village/City/Constituency/District etc.

7. All Elective main leader i.e. Prime Minister/Chief Minister will be Top Qualified Person with Maximum Percentage of Vote from their area.

8. All Problem will be solved after that Person Leadership.

And We get all Educated Ministers in every department with their Education in concerned department.

Means PWD handle by a Civil Engineering Graduate.

Means Finance handle by a MBA of Finance Graduate.

Means we can solve the problems in every department fastly because the relation with seat with education and knowledge of right concepts on that.



Dosto hath jhod kar nivedan hai ki padhe likhe hokar kisi individual party ya leader ke liye ladne ki jagah hum desh ke liye lade...HOPE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND and GIVE THE SUPPORT for a CHANGE IN SYSTEM.