Make manifestos legally challenge-able like warranty of products and services

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We can change our representatives once only when elections are conducted. That means we are actually paying time to get our aspirations fulfilled. Anything for which we pay, should come under warranty. We choose whom to vote based on manifestos of various political parties. So, manifestos must come under warranty. A voter should be able to legally challenge a political party for non-fulfillment of promises.

It is clear that not all parties may come to power by an election. So, a manifesto must clearly indicate which statements are non-binding vision statements, which may be fulfilled  being in opposition, taking a neutral stand, supporting from outside, being a part of ruling coalition, being the sole majority and being able to change the constitution by 2/3 majority.

The legal action should be permissible after some suitable timeline, say 4 years. It may also be possible to specify the timeline with each individual promise.

Exact nature of punishment may be decided by legislation.

This will

1. Prevent irresponsible promises being made and decisions taken upon

2. Lead to deeper analysis by parties and more informed debate in public domain

3. Setting a hard timeline will even out the pace of development rather than the last year rush we are all too familiar with