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Disqualification of all candidates in an election through NOTA Voting

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Fellow citizens, as our right to vote, we have recently been provided with the option of NOTA (None Of The Above). As appreciable as it seems, it holds very less significance since it doesn't hold consequential results if voted significantly.

It is important that the vote on NOTA be considered as a decision of the public to 'reject the current candidates' as unelectable. The percentage of voting on NOTA may range from 25-35% of total voting for the disqualification of current candidates. Also, the disqualification shall last for the current election but not extended to any other.

This will result in opening opportunities for other candidates and make the elections campaigns more holistic.

And to spread awareness, EC can also campaign for NOTA as a valid option with significance and encourage voters to turn out to vote even if they do not incline themselves to any candidate and/or party. This will increase participation in the democracy and bring out the 'more honest' choice of the citizens.

I can provide more in-depth analysis of its advantages and disadvantages also if that is what you need to make a decision.

As a responsible and pro-development citizen, it is a request to sign this petition and help make a better government through a better election system. Because your vote matters, make it count!

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