Aadhaar Enabled Voting via Online Systems: via (1) Internet & (2) Automated Voting Machine

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There has been widespread violence, booth capturing, huge loss of public and private property, fabrication of voters list etc. reported during voting processes in India. The present voting system is vulnerable in many fronts-

(i)      Expensive, causes huge wastage of public money

(ii)    Causes disruption in public support systems

(iii)   Vulnerable to misuse of power

(iv)  Causes misuse of our armed forces

(v)    Causes deaths of voting personnel and common man

(vi)  Voting personnel has to go through a system where his/her human rights are getting violated every now and then.

(vii) The voters need to turn up physically in the queue, wait for hours, may face de-recognition by poor voting system, vulnerable to local goons, may get subjected to influence by voting personnel etc.

(viii)  To exercise his/her rights, a voter must be physically present where his/her name has been registered in the voter list.