Tell Washington - Natural Gas Jobs Matter!

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American workers are the backbone of this country. Today, the natural gas industry employs over 4 million Americans, and it is critical to the growth of our nation’s economic prosperity.

The natural gas industry also makes up 3.1% of the national economy. It contributes over $37 billion worth of gas-related exports, ranging from the energy itself to everyday products made from natural gas.

Natural gas is also pushing America toward energy independence. It is an abundant, domestic product that can help the U.S. loosen its reliance on foreign countries for energy resources.

Maintaining and growing the natural gas industry will keep more jobs and investment dollars in America. If we continue this growth, the natural gas industry will generate nearly 5.2 million jobs by the year 2040.

Tell Washington to keep supporting American economic growth and much-needed American jobs by supporting our natural gas and natural gas pipeline industry.

Sign this petition and let your leaders know that natural gas jobs are important to you and to the United States.