FUND Rental Assistance Because it is Eviction Prevention-Please Help Today

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  1. With the double-edged sword of safely protecting people in their homes and preserving rental housing units that are affordable, the pandemic highlights the need for elected officials to immediately fund rental assistance. Fully funding rental assistance will help to prevent people from becoming unhoused and the loss of much needed rental housing inventory in our country.
  2. To stop the need for the damaging eviction process, we must get the rent paid. When government shut down the economy and caused many to lose their businesses and jobs, they broke the system. To fix it, they need to help people pay the rent. Tenants will unfairly be burdened with a legal judgement now on their records with hundreds or thousands of dollars of past due rent suddenly & immediately due when the moratoriums are lifted. This will also damage their credit rating going forward. When we get the rent paid, we immediately stop evictions and the foreclosures that follow when mortgages and property taxes go unpaid.
  3. Federal, state, county and local policymakers: let's prevent the next major housing crash in this country when the eviction moratoriums are lifted. Please FUND RENTAL ASSISTANCE today. Plus, any future EVICTION MORATORIUMS SHOULD BE SPECIFICALLY TIED TO RENTAL ASSISTANCE being directly paid to the provider of the housing unit to cover the costs of maintaining the housing over that period of time.
  4. Local elected officials: also please WAIVE THE FEES for permits & licenses (including property registration fees) for local struggling small businesses. This includes the small-medium independent housing providers - with fees that are due prior to the years end. Having been mandated by government to shelter fellow citizens for free, many have not collected rental income (which is actually retirement income for some) since as far back as March 2020. Help keep the affordable rental housing industry intact and in the hands of local, individual housing providers in our neighborhoods and communities who have made a decision to invest their own dollars to provide much needed housing in their cities - as opposed to corporate out of town investors.