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Petitioning Elected Officials of the State of Louisiana

Tell Gov. Jindal to start caring more about the problems we ALL face!

We are challenging every elected official in Louisiana to stand up for the citizens they represent. Louisiana deserves more and better than what we are receiving.

• We want a large, strong middle class.

• We want a fair deal for the working poor.

• We want health care for the elderly and destitute.

• We want quality health care for the mentally challenged, the most vulnerable of our citizens, so that they can maintain a good quality of life.

• We want expansion of Medicaid for all qualified citizens of the state, particularly the working poor. This would provide 400,000 Louisiana residents with affordable health care.

• We are opposing the governor’s continued elimination of vital state services, which has an impact, direct or indirect, on all citizens of the state, providers, and recipients.

• We want the governor to stop the war on all state and civil service employees.

Furthermore, we want Governor Jindal to know that the recommendation of his plan to discontinue State Income Tax is unacceptable. Any tax stoppage or reduction will ultimately fund a tax cut for corporations and the wealthy by raising taxes on the middle-class and the poor.

Elected Officials of the State of Louisiana: Tell Governor Jindal to start caring more about Louisiana and the problems we ALL face and less about his national political ambitions!

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  • Elected Officials of the State of Louisiana

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