NoService​.​org: Keep Cellular Signals Out Of Wilderness

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We are working to keep cellular signals out of wilderness areas so that everyone can have somewhere to truly get away from it all. Wilderness is sacred, and allowing cellular signals into it is a desecration of our last bastion of disconnectedness. 

President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wilderness Act into law in 1964 to preserve the wild qualities of 5,000+ acre parcels of federal land that are untrammeled by human development, provide opportunities for unconfined recreation, and have educational, scientific or historical value. Wilderness parcels are to remain free of not only mechanized vehicles but also industrial infrastructure and machinery as well as commercial ventures of any kind.

Cellular signals — even though you can’t see them, feel them or hear them — are both commercial ventures and industrial infrastructure. We think they have no place in the 2% of the land base of the Lower 48 now federally designated as wilderness — as well as in other wild and natural areas across the country and around the globe.

Furthermore, we need to keep cellular signals out of wilderness areas for our own sanity. The existence of true wilderness, whether we go there or not, is a tonic for our everyday lives now dominated by screens and endless access to information. Hardly any kids go play outside anymore let alone explore the natural intricacies of their immediate neighborhoods given the siren song of online gaming, YouTube videos and social media. Adults are likewise screen-addled these days; we can’t tear ourselves from the dopamine-generating din(g) of incoming messages and notifications that cellular service delivers on a minute-by-minute basis to our devices. 

Wilderness just isn’t wilderness with a screen in your face or a phone buzzing in your pocket. Let's send a clear message that we won't tolerate the information pollution of our last bastions of wilderness so we can keep our few remaining wild lands truly wild.