SAY NO to Upper Freehold WAREHOUSE!

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NorthPoint Freehold Industrial, LLC has applied for three major variances to build a 566,840 square foot warehouse in a part of Upper Freehold Township that is NOT currently zoned for warehouse structures. The plans call for the development of 118 acres of farmland on scenic Route 524 in Upper Freehold. This area is currently a rural roadway with carefully planned farms and housing developments that support township agriculture. Approval of these variances will open our township to continued industrial development and is strongly opposed by residents. 

The proposed warehouse includes 130 tractor trailer dock lots and 377 parking spaces. This creates a immense increase of blacktop/impervious cover and 24/7 tractor trailer traffic through our beautiful countryside. Cement structures of this size undeniably contribute to surface run off that may cause soil erosion, water pollution, and flooding, as well as preventing water from permeating the soil and contributing safely to the watershed. 

Given that the intersection of 524 and Imlaystown-Hightstown Road already experiences increased traffic from exit 11 on Interstate 195, the truck traffic caused by a warehouse approval would imminently impact the surrounding country roads and intersections in Upper Freehold Twp, Allentown, and Millstone Twp. 

Residents near the Great Adventure complex currently live with the problems that occur with expanding industrial approvals. They are at times prevented from leaving their homes and entering roadways without navigating extreme congestion. Their property values continue to be threatened by loss of privacy, aesthetic, and environmental health. These challenges are proven to increase with continued development. 

We believe the proposed warehouse will pose irreversible, detrimental effects to the quality of life for residents in Upper Freehold Twp and the surrounding towns due to loss of open space, increased traffic congestion, numerous adverse environmental effects, and the need for a water mitigation system and sewer to support the building’s infrastructure.

In addition to environmental concerns, reckoning with an exponential increase in traffic, and light and noise pollution is heartbreaking for visitors and residents who moved their children here to enjoy the peace and stillness of a rural, agriculturally rich environment. 

We are unified in our petition for the denial of the warehouse variance request on Rt 524 in Upper Freehold Twp!


This problem can be solved by denying the application for a warehouse variance. Recommending the applicant propose the project in an area that already has the infrastructure (proper roadways, accessibility to mass transit, etc) to handle the type of traffic that will be created. We recommend the applicant take the project to an urban or suburban area with an abandoned strip mall and/or old industrial site that is in need of redevelopment.