Protect Canadian jobs. Support Canada's recovery.

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Canada’s small businesses and the thousands of people working in areas hit hardest by the pandemic – restaurants, hospitality, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and transportation – need our support.

149,000 jobs are directly and indirectly tied to the production and sale of the beverage Canadians love: beer. 85% of the beer consumed in Canada is made here, yet nearly 50% of the price is government tax.

With the support of more than 20 organizations across Canada, we’re asking provincial and federal governments to freeze beer tax increases to help Canada’s economic recovery, protect and create jobs, and keep dollars in the pockets of Canadians who need it now more than ever before.

Right now, every small action governments can take to provide relief where it's needed most will make a big difference. We need your help to deliver the message to decision makers. 

By signing this petition to freeze beer tax increases, you’re supporting:

  • The 57,000 women and men whose restaurant and hospitality jobs are supported by the sale of beer.
  • The 23,000 barley farmers who sell 300,000 tonnes of malting barley directly to Canadian brewers.
  • The 35,000 retail sector jobs supported by the sale of beer.
  • The 9,000 wholesale and distribution workers whose jobs are supported by the beer economy.
  • The 1,400 small and medium sized businesses that supply breweries with products and services.
  • The 15,000 Canadians who work at our 1,110+ breweries and taprooms across Canada.
  • The 10 million+ beer drinkers like you who pay 5-times more beer tax than our neighbours in the U.S. and deserve a break.

Your support will go a long way in ensuring a prosperous future for Canadians coast-to-coast.

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