Elected MP's & opposition spokespeople for animal welfare & racing in NZ: Please launch an independent enquiry into the NZ greyhound racing industry.

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Greyhounds in Christchurch need your help

Dear supporters, Your support of our petition asking for the NZ government to investigate the greyhound racing industry, had HUGE impact. The industry plummeted into debt for the first time, having had to buy a dedicated halfway house for greyhounds, and having to employ a full time animal welfare officer. They are still hiding the truth, and the government are not very impressed. Very soon, after years of refusing to come clean, they will have no choice but to report the facts to the racing minister, who is also growing tired of their actions. But right now we need your help with something else. The Christchurch City Council in NZ is planning on spending nearly half a million dollars of public rates money on relocating the greyhound racing track there. We can't let this happen! Please sign and share our new petition, and lets send a clear message that we find this inappropriate use of funds. A lot of other good things have come to pass for greyhounds, including this petition receiving credit from the National Animal Welfare Advisory Council (NAWAC), for achieving better outcomes for greyhounds used for gambling. But we still have work to do. Please help us help greyhounds. If they want a new track they can at least pay for it themselves. LETS DO THIS! Please sign share and support widely We really value your support. It makes a difference. Aaron Cross Co-Founder and petitioner, For the GPLNZ gplnz.org

Aaron Cross
6 years ago