Justice for Dr. Abhishek Bhayana, youngest frontline covid warrior

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Hey all!
I am Aman Bhayana, seeking justice for my brother who lost his life serving the nation at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic.
We ask you, the citizens of the nation to stand in gratitude, honor and respect for the sacrifice that my brother made to help save other people's lives.

Dr. Abhishek Bhayana was Junior Resident doctor at Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, Delhi.
He died due to lung failure followed by a cardiac arrest. The lung failiure was caused due to heavy congestion of sputum in the lungs. All the symptoms were the same as in SARS- coV-2 (coronavirus). Despite all the similar symptoms, the 2 test reports for Covid-19 turned out to be negative. The following is the timeline and facts about death of our martyred corona-warrior Dr. Abhishek Bhayana (26).
26th June: Returned to hometown (Rohtak, Haryana)
28th June: Mild Cough
30th June: Cough with slight phlegm. Consulted chest specialist. XRay suggested congested lungs with sputum. Medication provided accordingly. Doctor suggested precautions for COVID for the entire family.
1st July: Sample for Covid test collected (Tested at PGI Rohtak, Haryana)
2nd July: Around 12:30 P.M: Deterioration in health due to Shortness of breath. Immediately rushed to Holy Heart Hospital.He took his last breath at 2:30 p.m.
The doctors in the hospital reported death due to heart failure that was caused due to heavy congestion in the lungs causing inability of the lungs to function.
The complacent management and inefficiency of the system took away his last fighting chance.
3rd July- Sample for Covid tests were collected again.
The rapid test revealed a negative report and it has been seen in many cases that negative report can't ruleout covid infection. The last rites were performed thereafter.
The negative reports as seen in numerous other cases does not rule out the possibility of the presence of SARS-coV-2.

Dr. Abhishek Bhayana devoted his last days as a warrior in serving the nation at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic.
He had no prior medical history, and therefore the family has all the reasons to believe that he died due to Covid-19. As per our knowledge he is the youngest doctor to sacrifice for the service.
The family of the deceased asks for mere acknowledgement and appreciation of the sacrifice that he made. The honour, the respect, the tribute that he deserves for the service of the nation.
I request you all to sign this petition and help us seek justice for the martyred soldier.

Aman Bhayana (Brother of Dr. Abhishek Bhayana)     


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