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Property Taxes in Illinois are too HIGH! 

Property Tax Bills are arriving throughout the State and people are reeling from STICKER SHOCK! 

Our Property taxes can go to cover a myriad of services: Municipal Government, Police and Fire Protection, Parks, Public Schools, Library, Community College, and More! 

Some politicians will offer a Property Tax "Freeze" as a solution which can starve schools and local governments to death and that is NOT the answer! 

THE ANSWER! Uncouple Property Taxes from Education Funding! 

60% - 65% of Illinois Property Taxes goes to fund our public schools

We rank 50th of 50 States in our school funding model because of our antiquated way of funding public schools through Property Taxes. Last year Illinois passed an Evidence Based School Funding model which has helped bring parity to our schools. BUT we MUST do more! 

How will we fund schools if we separate school funding from property taxes? ANSWER: With a Graduated Income Tax.

But won't that raise my income taxes? Contrary to what some politicians are telling you, the numbers show that it will raise taxes on just a small percentage of Illinois Tax Payers. About 3% - 20% of the TOP Income earners in the State will have an increase in their income taxes. But ALL of us will have our Property Taxes decrease! And the reality is that the increase for top income earners will be offset by their Property Tax REDUCTION! 

Still there will be some politicians that will try to redirect this conversation on Property Taxes. They will want to play the blame game: "I blame this person or this politician or that political party" rather than taking this bull by the horns and make this work for the PEOPLE of Illinois! 

The fact of the matter is that for 3 DECADES or more, we have discussed this very thing; uncoupling property taxes from school funding so we can lower property taxes and funding schools with a graduated income tax that will increase the income taxes on ONLY Illinois top income earners. And yet there has been NO WILL from either political party to get this done! 

Binding our Schools to Property Taxes has caused some schools to go underfunded even with the new Evidence Based  School Funding Model.

It will take a MANDATE to change this. But it also takes the WILL of THE PEOPLE to bring this issue to Springfield and for CHANGE to occur. 

And it takes people like Me Heidi Henry - not a politician but person who wants to be your PUBLIC SERVANT! A voice and a vote for YOU! New voices in Springfield with new purpose.

Illinois has great schools, great teachers, great students, now lets fund them like we mean it! Send me to Springfield and lets get this DONE!


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