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Help "Divas" Keep the Gun Industry & our Elected Officials accountable for the Violence!

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As a mental health awareness advocate and organization, M.I. Mother's Keeper is saddened by the many instances of horrific violence, and more importantly violence perpetrated by the use of a gun, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, that is alarmingly becoming the norm for many in our communities and across the nation. Now more than ever we need more funding to support various methods of mental health screenings, research, treatment, and programs.  We want answers and we need action!  Mental Illness and Gun Violence are public health matters, that as of late have been at the forefront of our atrocities as a nation.  The State of our City, communities, and our nation are under siege due to violence.  It's time for a real change! Help us help the nation, one community, and one family at a time.  We are all in this together!  Proper Mental Health Matters! We need more funding! We need more caring! We need more accountability!  Join Us!  We're calling on all DIVAS in the community to help us raise awareness to this very sensitive and necessary movement.  M.I. Mother's Keeper believes that our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, etc. are the nurturers of the community.  We're asking our DIVAS to stand up for proper mental health!  Stand up and help us take back our communities!  We're losing our families to violence and we've got to stay vocal to be heard!  Calling all DIVAS....M.I. Mother's Keeper needs your voice!  Our communities need healing!  We need your persistence, we need your Love!  Sign up today and show your support for the many families that are in crisis due to violence.Are you a DIVA? A nurturer who is "Deeply Incensed by Violent Acts"...Stand with us and help to secure more funding to get our communities the help and resources needed to keep the nation mentally healthy and aware!. Join Us! 1-844-36HELP2!

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