Stop high velocity shooting ranges becoming established in Eskdalemuir.

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Planning applications are at present, lodged with Dumfries and Galloway Council, for two 50 calibre, high velocity rifle ranges, one at each end of the Eskdalemuir valley. Plans for these ranges, have been drawn up and submitted without public consultation. We are petitioning to demand that, at the least, an official public consultation be held before the proposals are considered. But also to fully consider the inappropriate location of these ranges within the valley of Eskdalemuir.

Eskdalemuir, a remote Scottish valley is home to the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Europe. Established in 1968 as a centre for world peace, Samye-Ling hosts tens of thousands of visitors each year from across the world, who come to take part in courses and retreats and to enjoy the peace and tranquillity not just of Samye-Ling, but of the whole valley. 

Having one of the highest concentrations of ancient sites in Dumfriesshire, Eskdalemuir also offers its beautiful landscape for visitors who come for hillwalking. The valley also has a community Hub which hosts workshops and events and has a cafe and therapy room used by various holistic therapists. Visitors interested in Eskdalemuir's many attractions, often stay in the various B&B's around the valley or at Samye-Ling itself.

Eskdalemuir unique in so many ways, has grown up around the central focus of Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre with many of the local residents following a Buddhist path and is valued by residents and visitors alike, as a place of wellbeing and peace. Thousands of people come here each year to retreat, to recover, to heal and to enjoy being quiet, away from the noise and stress of the world.

In this peaceful valley, home to the largest Buddhist Temple in Europe, with its long-established community, a range for military style gun training is completely unacceptable. This new development of agricultural land, is likely to go ahead without any public consultation or regard for the impact it will have on lives and livelihoods, value of property and mental health. The installation of a facility, contrary to the religious beliefs of Eskdalemuir residents and thousands of visitors who come here to use the Temple or to attend courses offered by Samye Ling is offensive, grossly insensitive and completely inappropriate. 

We ask that our voices and concerns be heard at an official public consultation where the views of those affected can be taken into consideration and a proper assessment as to the ranges compatibility with their proposed siting arranged.