Show support for the running of a home office approved rifle range and business

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More than 13,000 people around the world have signed a petition objecting to the opening of our range at Clerkhill Farm,  Eskdalemuir. This range has been running on and off for the last four years (at two different locations) without any previous complaints.
Sadly, at the final stages of a lengthy planning application to change the purpose of the land from agricultural to range, a small portion of the local community has taken up opposition, created a global petition and vilified the range, the land owner, us; Gardners Guns, who run the range, and sadly those who use the facility.
We need your support, to change the narrative and to protect the rights of law abiding shooters not only in the UK, but those who travel from around the world to use our facility .
Although, neither our petition, nor the Buddhist inspired petition will impact the decision of the Dumfries and Galloway Planning Dept, we still need the support to show them that this range is a sought after facility, globally,  and will bring further investment and economical boosts to the area.
Please help us, a long standing business who do a considerable amount to promote shooting and the wider country sports based industry and who aim to bring an estimated additional £500,000 to the local struggling economy
Please help the shooting community stand for what is being taken away from us, the ability to safely practice our sport without persecution.