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Price gouging during life threatening states of emergency emergencies by airlines

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Its not THAT the wind is blowing, it's WHAT the wind is blowing. Hurricanes aren't JUST wind and rain, but also throw around debris weighing in the thousands of pounds.

With the approaching hurricane, Irma, bearing down on Florida, the airline industry is taking full advantage of those who are escaping from its path by hiking air fares as high as $6,000.00 for a single ticket, one way from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. The only exception to this, as of yesterday, has been Jet Blue, who hard capped their price at $99 for those who are trying to evacuate.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens may not even have a home left after this storm and airlines are only concerned with lining their pockets. Shorter trips to a safe zone equals faster turnaround and more ticket sales.

Most gas stations are out of fuel and it takes more than a full tank of gas to get out of the panhandle. Not everyone owns a motor vehicle.

Currently there are no federal regulations against airline price gouging. Searching through laws against price gouging during emergency situations,  I've only been able to locate laws regarding gasoline prices, and those are only on the individual state levels. There are no federal regulations on airlines, other than for what's convenient, discriminatory, broken luggage, carry on, and health related gadgets and medications...relatively minor issues in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of people who have no choice.

For the most part, since the deregulation, Congress has taken a hands-off approach to these corporate giants. I don't even live in a prone zone, but I've seen enough and read enough about natural disasters and the devastating effects beyond anyone's control, to know that I wouldn't wish these situations on anyone. It's not humane to those who are leaving their livelihood, and most of what they own, behind with very little in hand, only to be forced to pay exorbitant prices to airlines, that already make a hefty chunk of change. 

I'm just one among the many who've lost everything I've owned, so I know first hand what it's like to start over from nothing except the clothes on my back. I needed and received help from others who had compassion. The airline companies may lose a little money on a cap, but they certainly would be helping to save lives of thousands. Isn't that the American way?

Don't let the airline industry get away with taking thousands of dollars from individuals who have little choice in the matter, while they are still raking in millions. Reign them in and force the law makers to do something about it rather than turn their collective heads to focus and argue more over petty grievances. The government bodies are trusted to govern, they shouldn't get to pick and choose what needs to be handled and put the rest on ignore indefinitely.

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