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Speak to the Registrar and help your students

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On behalf of the Behavioural Psychology program, we would like to raise the issues we are facing since this strike has occurred in order to explain why we feel we are eligible to receive the $500 refund:

The fourth year students have faced many set backs in their graduating year. They were able to continue on their placements in order to complete their required hours, however we all went without any supervision from our college faculty and giving us support on our projects which have caused major setbacks in many students projects. Because we are unable to financially prove that this was a setback for us, we have been told we are not eligible for the relief fund.

The second year students have been setback in their placements as well. In order to complete their placement, they have to work into January. Not only that, but they are cut short on actually creating and implementing their treatment programs. This is a great deficit in their learning experience for their first placement and their first time implementing a program.

We would like to have our voices heard by the Dean of the Program and the Registrar in order to get the relief we deserve after a great deal of stress and anxiety.


Your Students.

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