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Don't put gas pipeline in Altar Valley, AZ

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The Altar Valley consists of two small towns, Three Points and Sasabe AZ. with miles of wilderness in between. The valley is home to several endangered species and a small herd of Pronghorn Antelope, which were reintroduced to the valley within the boundries of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. There are three schools in close proximity to the proposed route of this pipeline, in excess of 200 large and small washes and the whole valley is an important watershed. For more than 150 years some of the same families have been ranching in this valley. There are numerous archelogical sites within the planned route of the pipeline as well as sacred Native American sites. The path the pipeline will create will be the size of a small road that will be ideal for use by illegal border crossers and smugglers.

It's a beautiful valley that has many folks involved in restoring it to as close to the way it was 300 years ago as possible and they have come a long way in reaching this goal. The next valley east is the Santa Cruz River Valley which has already been destroyed beyond belief with mining, tailing piles and an interstate highway connecting Tucson, AZ to Nogales AZ. This is a safer and less destructive route for the pipeline. El Paso Gas isn't considering this track as it's 45 miles longer than the proposed route through Altar Valley.

This pipeline is being built to the border of the U.S. and MX to deliver natural gas to Mexico. After construction is complete all the jobs the company is talking about creating will end with Mexico and El Paso Gas the winners and the Altar Valley and all the plants, animals and people who live here suffering a terrible loss.

Please help me stop El Paso Gas from ruining a beautiful and peaceful rural valley.

My thanks,
Nancy Peterson

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