Social Inequality and Social Injustice in California's Gold Rush County - El Dorado County

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JC Y started this petition to El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and

El Dorado, a beautiful county located entirely in the Sierra Nevada. It became famous for being the site of the 1848 gold discovery that sparked the California Gold Rush. A breathtaking county resided with nice people, unfortunately, overrun by a law-breaking sheriff's department. 

El Dorado County Proposition 64 2016 — Legalize Marijuana — Results: Approved 47,047 voted yes, 47,170 voted no.

On October 23, 2020, El Dorado County deputy Brian Ishmael was killed while responding to a call of theft at a marijuana farm. The El Dorado County Sheriff claimed its officers' inability to determine if cultivation sites are legal or illegal and it potentially put dangerous situations when the officers arrive at a cultivation site. Therefore, the Board of Supervisors adopted a change to limit its citizens on the cannabis cultivation to six cannabis plants per residence regardless of whether it is grown for medicinal or recreational use. The "anti-cannabis raids” have been going on almost the entire time since the ordinance was passed in the county. The tactics of “vigilante mentality” and ransacking of private property carried out by deputies targeting legal medical marijuana patients that grow their own medicine are clearly a state law HSC11362.5(d) violation as state law clearly indicates section 11358 shall not apply to a medical patient who cultivates marijuana for personal medical purposes of the patient upon the written or oral recommendation or approval of a physician.

Intriguingly, even for patients that carry a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (issued by the California Department of Public Health's CDPH, a registry database for verification of qualified patients and their primary caregivers), and doctor's recommendation, the county sheriff made their own ruling and claim these state laws do not work in the El Dorado county. Theoretically and lawfully, should any medical patient is reported for violating the county ordinance in El Dorado county, if/when any government is to come on-site to enforce the ordinance, it should be the code enforcement officer, El Dorado County sheriff deputies have no base to raid the property. El Dorado County Sheriff's deputies go above and beyond to obtain a search warrant from the court, raid and remove medical patient's property to remove the medical cannabis they cultivate on their own land, deprive these patient's rights to medicine, destruct personal property, and terrorizing these poor patients that grow cannabis peacefully on their own land. Do you know what they excuse themselves from breaking the law? It is a court order. What I say is the court will not order it if these bad apples did not go above and beyond to obtain the search warrant and violate the citizen's civil right. The El Dorado County Court does have a very broken justice system. This is a civil right violation.

Discriminatorily, El Dorado County is allowing wealthy businesspeople to cultivate commercial cannabis but deny less fortunate medical patient's right to cultivate their own adequate cannabis for medical reasons on their own property which they pay their tax annually which force these less wealthy medical patients purchase their expensive medical cannabis from the commercial operations. Isn't this social inequality & injustice in El Dorado County? El Dorado County, wake up. Contact your board of supervisors and sheriff, demand a change or vote them out of the seat.

District I-John Hidahl
District II-George Turnboo
District III-Wendy Thomas
District IV-Lori Parlin
District V-Sue Novasel
El Dorado County Sheriff John D'Agostini
El Dorado County Chief Administration Officer Don Ashton

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