Reject Creekside Village Plan & Associated Proposal to Amend the General Plan

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This petition is in opposition to the Pre-Application PA19-0001/Creekside Village submitted by WINN COMMUNITIES for an Initiation Hearing (Conceptual Review) of a proposed new Specific Plan that would require amending the General Plan land use designation of a de-annexed portion of the El Dorado Hills Business Park from the current Research and Development to residential land uses to allow medium- and low-density single family residential development at a density of 5-24 units per acre with an expected range of 700 to 900 dwelling units. The property, identified by
Assessor's Parcel Number 117-010-012, consisting of 208 acres, is located on the west side of Latrobe Road, approximately 1,600 feet south of the intersection with Investment Boulevard, within the El Dorado Hills Business Park, in the El Dorado Hills area, Supervisorial District 2.
(County Planner: Mel Pabalinas, 530-621-5363)

Some key reasons for the opposition to this proposal include concerns of increased traffic on Labtrobe Rd., impacts to schools that are already at maximum, and rezoning areas in the EDH Business Park to residential instead of adding new businesses to the community!