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Today was a very sad day for hundred’s of thousands of people all around the world. We got the sad news that this dynamic duo will no longer be together. Please sign the petition to increase the chances of these two best friends being back together. We may try to understand why, but Jester will never understand why he is separated from his dad and will feel abandoned. 

He is not just a coworker; he is a companion, a partner, a family member and a best friend. Separating these two, after being together when they have been through so much, is cruel not just to Jester’s dad, but most importantly to Jester. We can try to reason why it happened, but dogs lack the ability to understand why. They love unconditionally, and taking away someone you’ve known for much of your life can be devastating. I can’t imagine what either of them are going through. 

Please sign, share and spread the word of the petition to reunite these two. I can’t think of a more deserving pair. #bringjesterhome

K9 Jester & his Dad