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Kumkum bhagya, the top show of indian television has many flaws which must be corrected: it talks about the purity of marriage, which is a relation where both wife and husbands fulfills the 7 vows and are on an equal position; we want Abhi and Pragya's pure bond to be shown and not so much negativity, we want the power of husband-wife's togetherness and unity to be shown. We are fed up of so much negativity and most of all we want Abhi to get the importance which not only a lead deserves, but also the importance deserved by such a phenomenal artist which Shabbir Ahluwalia is; his talent is being wasted by ordinary scenes and tracks where he is even being sidelined. This petition has just been opened in order to bring freshness in kkb: such a big audience is watching this serial so there must be something good in the story, more than same vamps-female lead war.
Kumkum bhagya is the most popular serial indeed and viewers love it a lot, that’s why it is always on top when it comes to trp ratings! But we beg the makers to change some things in the show which are making it irritating to watch:
1.Abhigya conquered millions of hearts: ABHI AND PRAGYA TOGETHER, not only one of them! So why is Abhi being sidelined despite being the male lead? Vamps get more importance than him!
2.We agree serials don’t have a logic because they are for entertainment only but please don’t show nonsense by ruining the characters: the smartest Pragya doesn’t even trust her husband so doesn’t want to tell him the truth with the fear that he might reveal that she is actually Pragya and not Munni as everyone thinks but at the same time she can blindly trust a stranger like Semonica. Kumkum bhagya was meant to be a show which defined the purity of marriage but it’s completely ignoring the 7 vows, especially “whatever maybe the hindrance in life, we’ll cross them together”
3.Rockstar Abhi is being showed as a joker: please don’t spoil his role more by showing him so dumb that he can’t even recognize his own wife and despite thinking that Pragya is Munni so is a stranger woman, he is staying with her. He is not only being showed a joker, but also a cheater than because he is not even trying to find out about his wife and is spending time with a stranger?
4.Daadi, like everyone, thinks that Pragya is Munni, the girl who saved the entire family from Sangram and helped Disha and Purab to get married, but despite this she is trusting vamps and being so cruel to Munni? The family didn’t even show so much hatred for criminals like Tanu and Alia!
http://5.Family accepted to keep Alia and Tanu in the house because of Pragya, if they think that Pragya is Munni, so why are they letting them stay there? Is Mehra Mansion an hotel?
6.Alia and Tanu’s characters are being dragged as well as their tracks since the serial started: don’t you think is time for their farewall because there isn’t any meaning of their existence? Why isn’t family saying anything to them despite knowing that they won’t ever change and instead they are letting Alia and tanu stay in the house? Are they so dumb to give them a chance to hurt the family?
7.It’s true that after marriage, the girl has to leave her own house but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to see her family anymore? Are you trying to send this message? Because Pragya was not shown meeting his mother, Dadi and Janki since months. And what about her father and sisters?
8.Just showing Sriti and Shabbir’s close scenes is not enough: we want Abhigya, we don’t want to see Abhi spending close moments with someone he thinks is a look alike of his wife
9.The most important thing that is missing in kumkum bhagya is a storyline itself. We want Abhi and Pragya to stand against all the difficulties TOGETHER. Bring Abhi back as lead and Pragya back as Abhi’s Fuggi only. Bring something fresh which has to do about Abhi and Pragya’s love not vamps and the never ending negativity in their life.

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