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"MH SH 44" State Highway in use

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Dear Sir,

Would like to bring to your notice the First Rule of any existing "Maharashtra State Highway" is 1) It should not be disconnected.

"MH SH 44" that connects from Shahapur to Ahemednagar has got disconnected. for 1km. below is the Google link.,73.6515699/19.535211,73.6516473/19.5352318,73.6515908/@19.5376263,73.6485576,16z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0

Reason why we are not bothered about it is none of us are aware of the earlier usage of this route ( It connect Mumbai ( Shahapur, Ghadghar Dam, ) to Ahemednagar ( Ghatghar, Bhandardara, Rajur ) in near about 40 minutes otherwise it take normally take 8-9 hrs through Kasara Ghat route.

Mumbai ठाणे व नगर ( Ahemadnagar ) जिल्ह्याला जोडणारा शहापूर चोढे-घाटघर हा रस्ता सर्वेक्षणासाठी ५० लाख रुपयांची तरतूद अर्थसंकल्पात करण्यात आली. शहापूर-घाटघर रस्ता मार्गे अकोले ठाणे व अहमदनगर जिल्ह्याला जोडणार्‍या शहापूर-घाटघर रस्त्याचे २००१ मध्ये सर्वेक्षण होऊनही १५ वर्षे हा रास्ता रखडला. मुबई-नाशिक महामार्गावरून घोटी-भंडारदरा मार्गे जाणार्‍या रस्त्याऐवजी हा रास्ता अस्तित्वात आल्यास नगर जिल्ह्यात जाण्यासाठी अंतर कमी होणार आहे. शिवाय वेळेचीही बचत होणार आहे. अकोले, राजुर, भंडारदरा, घाटघर कोकण कड्यावरून चोंढे घाटातून शहापूर गावांच्या हद्दीतून जाणारा हा रस्ता थेट मुंबईकडे जाणार ठाणे जिल्ह्यातील शहापूर व नगर जिल्ह्यातील अकोले हे दोन्ही तालुके आदिवासी उपयोजनेत येत या घाटमार्ग रस्त्यामुळे ठाणे व नगर हे दोन्ही जिल्हे दळणवळण, व्यापार व्यवसायाच्या देवाणघेवाणीने एकत्र येऊ शकणार आहेत. 

If we start using this route again we can reduce traveling time from 8 hrs to 2 hrs. Need some repair and construction of near about 2km road "MH SH 44" highway it will save Petrol, Billions of Rs.  and most importantly it will save time.

Currently we all travels from Mumbai through KASARA Ghat - Ghoti Ghat- Igatpuri Ghat - Bhandardara -Shendi, Akole Sangamner and shirdi and so on. However if reconnect "MH SH 44" which is currently broken in between by 1 to 1.5km only it will be change in traveling life of all Mumbaikar while traveling to Ahemednagar. MH SH 44 Highway is well constructed Highway however is not in use since more than 25 years it is the short cut route to all those who travel to Nasik, Ahemednagar, Shiridi, Sangamner, Akole, Shani Shingnapur, Shrirampur, Yeola, Aurangabad, Jalana.

You can actually check below Google link and see actual image where MH SH 44 is disconnected as a Highway, route is used by villagers but not all Mumbaikars are either aware of this route nor one has brought importance of it to the notice of the government. it will be unbelievable if i say one can reach Shirdi in less than one hour if there is it gets connected through Rail Route. Below is the link for your perusal.,73.6515699/19.535211,73.6516473/19.5352318,73.6515908/@19.5376263,73.6485576,16z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0

Recently I have opened Facebook page to make people aware of the same and spreading information about the same and trying to reach government authorities and politicians through page. link is mentioned below

I personally have visited and traveled through this route with some of the friends and media team and trying humble attempt to bring it to the notice of Honorable Politicians, and government authorities those can repair / reconnect this "MH SH 44" and help save energy, power, cost and most importantly time of billions of people.

I request for your support in terms of reaching out to the right people who can help in this regards.

Warm Regards

Sagar Nehe



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