A single school platform for all of us

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Schoology ? PlusPortal? What a confused world and we just want one!

Can the school implement just one platform so that all the teachers will be using the same system?  Yes I mean school might need to start 'forcing' teachers to use the same platform for everything.

It is just confusing for everyone to be on several apps.  We feel like, are we missing something? Was it in schoology or PlusPortal? or in Line group? ...

Some of us really does not have time to follow up anything for our kids, this platform supposed to be a tool that we can use to monitor progresses, missing works, schedules, including those school attendances of our children.

So I urge you, our beloved EIS, please brainstorming and come up with a single platform, then help forcing the teachers to just use one system.

For this Coronavirus Crisis, you have a chance to start everything new which will set a new standard.  You can also come up with a single 'study from home' Either it is Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meet...just pick one. We are fine with everything. Go for it, Tiger! 

Technology evolves everyday, we knew how struggling the teachers are with this new stuff but we entrust our children to you and we knew you are the best in this.

Please hear us out.  A little CHANGE on this would mean a lot for all of us.