For parents and board members of EIS to note the urgency of energy conservation at school.

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Working towards energy conservation is imperative in order to avoid the many upcoming issues created by the pollution of Earth and misuse of its resources. EIS, a leader in the Honduran education system, should be the first to take measures towards diminishing our negative contribution to the issues that have been increasingly harming our community in the recent years. An initial action by our school would not only mean our own single, positive impact, but an aggregate of those who follow as well. This petition calls for your support towards the implementation of the Energy Conservation Policy at EIS, which mainly ensures the proper usage of energy at our school to create a positive impact in our environment and the organisms that live within it. The support shown by all students and parents possible will demonstrate to the school board how important and urgent the EIS community considers this matter to be, and will further push them to discuss the policy in depth, resulting, most likely, in its approval and enforcement at our campus.