Save Old Prestwick Police Station & Social Work Office

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South Ayrshire Council has recently proposed to demolish the old Prestwick Police station and accompanying Social Work office at 12 and 14 Main Street to make way for an amenity housing development. This proposal should be halted. No demolition should take place as these irreplaceable landmark buildings are an essential piece of our town's heritage and significantly contribute to our Main Street's unique character. Once gone, these buildings would be lost forever. It is our responsibility to protect the well being of our town's assets for future generations. The buildings should be preserved as part of any new use for the proposed site.

On one hand, South Ayrhsire Council are proposing to demolish these buildings whilst on the other it would appear that a conservation area is being discussed to protect the well being of our town centre. This surely makes no sense? Why are other nearby towns now protecting similar assets? In nearby Ardrossan, the local old Police Station which was in a much worse state than ours was able to be redeveloped whilst maintaining it's original features. Would it not make more sense if Prestwick followed this example?

In summary:-

1. South Ayrshire Council's current proposal for this site should be halted.

2. The existing buildings at 12 and 14 Main Street should be preserved as part of any new use of the proposal site.