Gex Trilogy - Remake

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20 years ago, on March 1st, 1999 to be precise, the game Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko was released. A game that was a lot of fun, many colorful levels, funny stuff Gex was saying during the game and the lovely agent XTra. But not only Gex 3 was an amazing game. Gex 1 and 2 were as well. We miss the coolest Gecko on earth, Gex. He has to be united with his friends Crash, Spyro and Sir Daniel Fortesque and deserves a remake of all of his adventures !

Even after 20 years, I still love playing the game. It's more than worthy of a remake in my opinion. This days gaming industry needs a new twist between all the zombies and post-apocalyptical scenarios!

If the games brought you joy in your childhood and even in your adulthood, sign this petition so we can try to get one of our loved classics back!