The Austrian government should cancel rents for international students till CoVid19is over

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Due to the nationwide quarantine put in place and it's toll on the economy, most international students, in fact most students cannot earn and therefore have to dip into there savings to pay for everything until the quarantine is over. And for those who have no jobs, the time they spent in quarantine without achieving any progress will increase the overall time they spend in school and thereby creating cost that was not accounted for while planning to come and study in Austrian. This will invariably put students under a serious financial stress. Many international students after their first year in Austrian having exhausted their blocked account can barely pay for all their expenses from the little they earn not to talk of having any savings, therefore anytime spent indoors not doing anything and not earning any money is surely going to put them under serious financial distress.

I implore the good people of the Austrian government including the indefatigable Chancellor to look into what can be done to make this period as stressless as possible on the finances of the typical college student especially those of the international community.