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EHP (Parks & Wildlife): Stop the Killing/Culling of 2000 Wallabies in Mission Beach.

EHP have approved culling permits to shoot and kill 2000 Mission Beach Agile Wallabies. Six hundred (600) were already killed last year as part of an effort to reduce the wallaby population.

As part of the code of practice, when a hunter kills a female wallaby with pouched young, he/she must also kill the joey. The most common methods for killing the young is inhumane (crushing skull with hammer or hitting it against a tree). Female wallabies often have a second joey at foot who she is still feeding. By killing the mother, you are sentencing both the pouched and at foot joeys to death.

Currently, there is a maximum of 500 Agile Wallabies left in Mission Beach and they can only have one (1) Joey per year. Approximately thirty (30) Agile Wallabies are killed on Mission Beach roads and at least five (5) are killed by dogs per week. When more studies are done, we will find that the Mission Beach Agile Wallaby is a separate and new species that is different from its northern cousins. If this population is eliminated through this wave of culling, an entire species will be killed.

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