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We Want DIRECT and affordable flights from ALL the UK and EUROPEAN airports to Luxor Egypt

Luxor has now been suffering from lack of tourism for the past FIVE YEARS and this is having a DEVASTATING effect on the local economy and the lives of the people who rely on the income from tourists to provide for their families. There appears to be a lot of effort being made by the British Government to encourage the airlines to get flights back to Sharm El Sheikh as soon as possible but there has NEVER been this same effort for Luxor.

We implore the Egyptian Minister of Aviation to work together with all airlines to rethink their routes to Luxor and to reinstate the flight schedules that they had before the 25th January Revolution. People DO NOT want to have to change planes at Cairo Airport nor have the extra expenses incurred with flights into Hurghada, for example having to stay overnight in a hotel in Hurghada and then having to pay for a car for the FOUR HOUR DRIVE to Luxor and then the same for the flight back home again at the end of their holiday. 

There is a DEMAND for DIRECT flights!!!!

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  • Minister of Civil Aviation, Egyptian Government
    Sherief Fathi Ali Atiya - Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation

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