In solidarity with the Egyptian atheist, arrested on the back of his religion's criticism

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Sherif Gaber was born in 1993. He is a known Egyptian activist in the field of social media. Generally speaking, he has been criticizing any side that goes against human rights in a given religion, especially those that prevail in the north African and middle eastern countries. That was mainly the reason for which he was arrested. His main platform was his youtube channel known as: Sherif Gaber.
Sherif was first arrested on October 27th, 2013 for officially declaring he is an atheist, then on May 2nd,2018, which happens to be last Wednesday.
In one of his posts, Sherif stated that he was traveling to Malaysia at 12:05 EET when he was arrested. He was first kept waiting then disappeared.
We want the Egyptian judiciary to release Sherif at once. We also ask all human rights associations and amnesty associations to interfere and defend Sherif's right for freedom of speech, and put all efforts to release him.
We cannot accept such hideous violation of human rights, for if we did it will be a door to arrest more activists not only in Egypt, but in various North African and Middle Eastern countries as well. However, if we are to succeed in our compaing to free Sherif, it will be regarded as a triumph for all democracy seekers.