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#GirlsNotForSale توقيع عريضة #بناتنا_مش_للبيع

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Life Foundation for Development and Integration has launched a campaign against early/ tourism marriage in collaboration with Start insiative for Rehabilitation and Training as well as other civil organizations interested in Women’s Rights. The first awareness campaign of it’s kind to introduce the dangers of early marriage and it’s implications on general health, psychological health and social life was on Tuesday 27/12/2016. The campaign aims that by the participation of physicians, specialists in psychology, social workers, religious scholars and legal dignitaries in the events, will create social awareness to the dangers of early/ tourism marriage and the need to delay the marriage to at least the age of 18 years old. In   addition to showing that delaying the age of marriage relatively is not opposing the teachings of the Islamic religion as long as it achieves interests and staves off malevolence as well as it ensures family and social stability along with legal problems caused by frequent tourism marriage that has a fixed-period. It should be noted that the foundation launched the slogan for the campaign as ( Our Girls Are Not For Sale ) which began by targeting the village Gahla Al Jabla in the Al Sharqia governorate.

حملة تقوم بها مؤسسة حياه للتنمية والدمج المجتمعي ( مبادرة ابدأ للتأهيل والتدريب سابقا )  تندرج ضمن مشروع   ( CSO_WINS)

الذي يهدف إلى بناء القدرات في جنوب المتوسط و فتح حوار للسياسات و رصد واقع النساء في المجتمع, بدعم من الاتحاد الأوروبي و رعاية المعهد الأوربي للبحر الأبيض المتوسط, كمنسق للمشاريع. .وفي اطار مشروع حول مناهضة الزواج السياحي في مصر . والتوعية حول مخاطر الزواج المبكر والمحدد المدة وزواج القاصرات

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