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The animals are starving and dying in the seven governmental zoos of Egypt and they need YOUR help!

The animals in the zoos of Egypt are in dire need of medical attention and proper care, and the Egyptian activists need our help to put pressure on the authorities that turn a blind eye.

Here's how YOU can help:

1) Sign this petition that send instant emails to the Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Services 


2) Watch the pictures at the link and share this page with as many as you can:


3) Sign this petition, too:


4) Leave a comment about the shameful treatment of animals in the governmental zoos of Egypt at the 2 Facebook-page of Egypt's president, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, here: 


5) Leave a comment at the official Facebook-group of the General Organization of Veterinary Services which supervises Central Zoos, here:


Thank you very much in advance for your support in helping the unfortunate animals imprisoned in the zoos of Egypt.

Letter to
Dr. Hassan Shafik Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Service
Moustafa Hussein Technical office of GOVS
Technical office of GOVS
and 2 others
Osama Selim Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Service
Osama Selim Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Services
I just signed the following petition started by Occupy for Animals, addressed to the Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Services.

Close down all 7 governmental zoos that are nothing less than hell holes!


I am very concerned about the animals in your seven governmental zoos. The graphic picture evidence taken in these hell holes that are currently being circulated all over the internet show starving, sick and injured animals left without veterinary care.

These pictures prove that your 'zoos' are nothing less than real hell holes for the animals. The animals are left to vegetate in concrete cells and even their most basic needs like adequate housing, proper care, food, medical attention and mental stimulation, are not met.

The animals suffer from severe starvation, open and infected wounds, tumors and other diseases left without veterinary care. Near death lions and tigers have been pictured lying apathetic in their prison cells. Especially the situation regarding a near death lioness is very concerning as it would appear that the zoo does not even have access to vital veterinary equipment.

Your 'zoos' hold many lions, tigers and other wild animals, but they do not seem to have the expertise nor the funds to meet even their basic welfare needs, yet they allow the animals to breed, which is only adding to their problems.

The responsible veterinarians of your governmental hell holes have been contacted by Egyptian animal activists and international organizations regarding the above mentioned situation. Some of their comments showcasing their general ignorance and their absolute lack of willingness to help these suffering and dying animals, have been published and you can read these comments here:

We urge you now to make sure that the suffering animals receive medical attention and appropriate nutrition immediately and that - in a second instance - these hell holes are being closed down and the animals relocated to sanctuaries as it appears that you are definitely not able to meet even their most basic welfare needs.

To help you in your decision, please know that no tourist will pay to see animals in such bad shape. Images like the ones that they would be facing in your state funded hell holes, would not only let them deeply depressed, but those foreigners who will experience and thus will come to know of the extent of the animal abuse that your government is responsible for, would leave Egypt confused and with a heavy heart, rather than uplifted by its paradoxical beauty and friendliness.

I have trust in you that you will take the only right decision in this matter which is to shut down these hell holes. Until such a time, however, I regret that it will be necessary to boycott Egypt both as a tourist and by way of commerce and to encourage others to participate in a boycott as well.

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