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EGYPT: Close down all 7 governmental zoos that are nothing less than hell holes!

Petition started by Occupy for Animals!

The animals are starving and dying in the seven governmental zoos of Egypt and they need YOUR help!

The animals in the zoos of Egypt are in dire need of medical attention and proper care, and the Egyptian activists need our help to put pressure on the authorities that turn a blind eye.

Here's how YOU can help:

1) Sign this petition that send instant emails to the Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Services 


2) Watch the pictures at the link and share this page with as many as you can:


3) Sign this petition, too:


4) Leave a comment about the shameful treatment of animals in the governmental zoos of Egypt at the 2 Facebook-page of Egypt's president, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, here: 


5) Leave a comment at the official Facebook-group of the General Organization of Veterinary Services which supervises Central Zoos, here:


Thank you very much in advance for your support in helping the unfortunate animals imprisoned in the zoos of Egypt.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Dr. Hassan Shafik
    Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Service
  • Moustafa Hussein
    Technical office of GOVS
  • Technical office of GOVS
  • Osama Selim
    Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Service
  • Osama Selim
    Egyptian General Organization of Veterinary Services

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