Allow eggs to be sold at farm markets in Ontario without senseless & expensive grading

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Currently unwashed, ungraded eggs can be sold at no limit from the farm gate (at the farm itself), but cannot be brought to the farmer's market for sale without being sent for grading at a facility.

This law is unjust as it prevents farmers from seeking outside sales, and is ridiculous because a person can buy 100 eggs at my farm, every day of the week, but I cannot bring them to the farmer's markets I attend where I sell my vegetables and meat without paying for expensive grading at a facility. How can I be sure I am getting my exact eggs back? And if I only have a few dozen a week, it is not worth the extra money to drive them to the facility, pay for grading, and pick them up. Then I have to pay for expensive labels, when they are literally the exact eggs you can buy directly at the farm.

It is designed to keep large egg production corporations in business and is a form of tight sales, which is not allowed. Please help make it so everyone can access farm fresh, unwashed eggs, from their local market. Unwashed eggs keep for a month or more unrefrigerated and at room temperature, and are considered safer in most European Countries because the protective bloom that surrounds them is still intact. In North America eggs are washed and graded and in doing so the shelf life decreases. Eggs have been kept unrefrigerated for centuries before refrigeration was invented.