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Egg Farmers of Canada - Stop Allowing Millions of Boy Chicks To Be Ground Up Every Year

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My name is Dylan Nauertz, and I’m 15 years old. Like most kids, I care about animals, including my good friend Richard the rooster, who I love to visit and take care of at an animal sanctuary near Toronto.

That’s why I was shocked to find out what Egg Farmers of Canada allows to happen to boy chicks just like Richard once was. Because they can’t lay eggs, boy chicks are of no use to the egg industry—so they are ground up alive in giant grinding machines when they are just a few days old!

This is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe that Egg Farmers of Canada thinks this is OK, and that they would be fine with this being done to Richard. As a boy myself, it’s terrifying to think about what would have happened to me and every boy I know had we simply been born a different species.

What’s even worse is that the solution to this problem is just being ignored. There is a technology called “in-ovo sexing,” developed at a top Canadian university, that allows hatcheries to figure out the sex of an egg just a couple days after it’s been laid. That way, boy chicks never have to be born just to be torn apart in grinding machines.

In the United States, United Egg Producers, which represents almost all egg farms in that country, has committed to using this new technology. They have said they will stop killing boy chicks by 2020. In Germany, the egg industry plans to end this cruel practice even sooner.

But Egg Farmers of Canada is doing nothing. Until they prohibit this horrifying practice, their members will continue grinding up millions of boy chicks every single year!

Boys like Richard should not be ground up alive simply because they’re boys.

Please sign my petition calling on Egg Farmers of Canada to end the brutal killing of boy chicks.


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