May 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vladimir Padilla

I. Introduction

    Human effects are the main source of global warming, according to the National Climate Assessment, particularly the carbon pollution we generate by burning fossil fuels and the pollution-capturing we prevent by destroying forests. We produce carbon dioxide, methane, soot, and other pollutants into the atmosphere, which acts as a blanket, trapping the sun's heat and causing the world to warm. The earth's climatic system, including its land, atmosphere, oceans, and ice, is changing in profound ways as a result of this warming.

     Long-term effects of climate change are expected to include decreased sea ice and increased permafrost thawing, increased heat waves and heavy precipitation, and decreased water resources in semi-arid regions, according to scientists.

     Talking about climate change with family and friends is one of the simplest and most important things anyone can do. We understand that these discussions can seem like a formula for strife and resentment. It all begins with getting to know individuals where they are. 

II. Objectives

Main Objective: The concept paper aims to achieve its general objective of understanding the effects of global warming on the future by focusing on the following specific goals:

To clarify what global warming is and what the consequences might be if we don't take this seriously.
To add existing knowledge on what we already know about global warming's causes and effects. 
To gather data or information regarding global warming's various effects and how these affect humans, nature, animals, food, water, energy, and health. 
III. Purpose

The purpose of the study is to look at the consequences of Global Warming on us, and the long-term consequences of global warming continues to affect our planet. The study aims to answer the following questions:

1. Does deforestation contribute to climate change?

2. How is climate change affecting people?

3. What happens if we do nothing to stop climate change?

IV. Support

     This problem does have a massive impact on our planet, especially if we do not take some an action about it, so if you can view this, kindly enlighten each other by deleting unread emails, saving electricity, saving water, driving less, planting more trees, avoiding smoking, unplugging electronics you don't use, using an electric fan instead of aircon, using LED lights, and lastly spreading awareness to your family, loved ones, and friends. Let's tell all this together: LET THE EARTH BREATHE.

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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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