Prevent Censorship of LGBTQ+ Media in School Magazine

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For this month's edition of our school magazine, the main topic was Pride, in order to celebrate Pride Month. To go with this, the cover was two girls, one wearing a rainbow shirt and giving the other a kiss on the cheek (see above). 

The editors then received an e-mail, stating that this would be "too much" for some students and that something "more neutral" would be better. In addition, the magazine would only be distributed to older grades (ages 11+) due to its content.

We think that this type of censorship is unacceptable coming from a school that is meant to represent European values and that preaches tolerance and being "united in diversity". Catering to homophobia sends the message that the comfort of homophobic people matters more than the expression of LGBTQ+ students.

Sign this petition to make the school realise the negative effects this decision would have on its LGBTQ+ students, show that you are in support of LGBTQ+ expression going uncensored, and holding the school accountable instead of ignoring it.

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