Help Us Stop the Proposed Development Project on Renfrew St.

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   Our neighbourhood in the Hastings Sunrise (on Renfrew between E. Georgia St. and Adanac St.) is in threat of having a five-story, one block development, proposed to have 77 rental units go up in the near future by GBL Architectes, a large development company in West Vancouver.

This petition is for all those who are opposed and against this proposed project.

 These are our major issues:

1) Demolishing Brand New Houses (built 2017):           

- On the proposed block there are two brand new houses, 708 and 710 Renfrew, both with basement suites and laneway houses. These houses were only completed in the fall of 2017. The block was bought by GBL Architectes when 708 and 710 were in the early stages of construction. If GBL knew they were going to demolish the whole block, why continue building until completion, only for four entirely new buildings to be sent into our Vancouver landfill?                                   

- At a time where our resources are dwindling, our carbon footprint continues to create unstable and possible irreversible climate change, and the city of Vancouver is working towards becoming "The Greenest City in the World," how can this demolition be justified? We can not tolerate this negligent action. Tearing down brand new, perfectly good homes should be illegal, and these buildings should absolutely not be allowed to be torn down.  


2) Protecting Vancouver Views and the Loss of Personal Privacy and Sunlight Exposure:                                                             

- The taller this build is, the more it will block the view of the mountains and create loss of sunlight and privacy to all those around it.                                                  

- One of the features Vancouver takes great pride in is it views of the oceans and mountains. By building such a complex it will drastically affect the sky line and block many residents’ view of the mountains.   

- Nearby residences will be directly affected by the loss of sunlight as well as a loss of privacy. When choosing a home, two of the most sought after requirements are privacy and amount of sunlight exposure. A project like this will absolutely affect the resale value of all the homes in the area.                                                              

- The residents most severely affected live directly downhill from the proposed complex. There is a significant down slope east of Renfrew St. onto E. Georgia and Adanac streets. This proposed building will block out western sun to the residences below. They will also lose privacy, as all the windows and balconies on the east side of the complex will directly face into residences backyards and windows.                                                                                                

 3) Vehicles, Parking and the PNE:

- Residences in the area already have difficulty with street parking in the evenings, especially during the summer months and during events held at Hastings Park. With 77 units proposed, even with underground parking, it will become even more of a problem for the community year round.                                                              

- Every summer the community is taxed and impacted by the huge influx of traffic and need for parking during Playland and the PNE and/or any other event that is held on Hastings Park throughout the year. This is already a strain to residents.                                                                                                

4) No Demographic for Commercial Spaces:

- The proposed project has commercial spaces at ground level. There is zero demand for commercial spaces in this area. There are apartment developments at 1st and Renfrew St. as well as on Hastings St. near Renfrew St. The majority of these commercial spaces have continued to remain empty since completion.       

- Furthermore the business that have leased these spaces have failed. There is no demand for businesses looking for commercial space in this area, nor is there demand from the neighbourhood for commercial enterprises in this area.


5) Unsuitable Architecture for the Area:  

- The City of Vancouver has style and architectural regulations for new single home building so that all new homes will blend in and increase the beauty of neighbourhoods. The same regulations should be placed on any multi-story buildings built. The proposed modern bright yellow, white, and grey architecture of this proposed complex does not blend in with the existing neighbourhood. The design and architecture of the proposed complex is unreasonable for the area.


In Conclusion townhouses or row-houses, adhering to the height restoration by Laws would be more appropriate for this location.  


    As a community we have this opportunity to have our voices heard by the City of Vancouver to grow Hastings-Sunrise in a sustainable and respectful way while maintaining the integrity of the neighbourhood for all residence.

    If this proposed development is to be prevented from going ahead it is vitally important for the entire neighbourhood area to be united in its opposition.


Thank you for your time and community support,


Edysha Ee & Shine Edgar