Why EMS Dress Code Should Be Reconsidered.

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Why do I think that EMS Dress-code regulation should be reconsidered? Personally I do not think that there is much to change about,but I understand that there are students that attend the school that desire for it to change.Also I think that it is something much needed for everyone especially the students and staff who think it  should not change at all.

Reasons for why I think that the dress-code regulation should be change  is that some of the restrictions are truly unfair.Especially to the  children that is not fortunate enough to afford proper clothing for school or anywhere when I look around the school most kids seem to still wear sweatpants a dirty t-shirt even shoes that tend have holes and is still dress-coded.As  well to the kids who believe in self expression,although yes there are many  other ways to self expression, this is a way that truly depicts someone of their true personality and lifestyle they decide to live.Other reasons may vary.


I think a way that  the staff of Edwards Middle School it is possible to achieve this , is by allowing certain type of distress clothing, such as only wearing jeans that have rips on the or lower,as well allowing students to wear tank tops depending on the weather. Allowing the less fortunate to wear what they have on is also something to be considered as well.Even though , no I am not telling the administration on how to run their school. I just wanted to merely state my opinion on something must change for a benefit other than a free education.

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